3D Printer Ignites Passion for STEAM Learning

St. George’s Independent School provides a traditional educational experience for prekindergarten through twelfth graders with an emphasis on hands-on learning. Our model is unique in that St. George’s is one school made up of three campuses. The two lower schools are identical in curriculum except the donor-funded Memphis Campus was created in order to provide students from low-income families a rigorous education that they might not otherwise receive due to logistical or financial access.

St. George’s Memphis Campus builds on the curricular structures and instructional approaches that have served generations of students so well in Germantown, and affords students the same extraordinary extracurricular opportunities to go, see, and do. After lower school, students come together on the Collierville Campus to continue growing and learning. The strength of this approach lies with the bonds of friendship formed through cross-campus activities like lower school athletics and field trips. Not only do our students receive a highly academic education, but they also enrich the experiences of their peers and together build a community that celebrates differences and recognizes commonalities.

Since receiving the $1000 grant from the National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) last summer, our school has begun integrating 3D printing technology into our curriculum, fostering creativity and innovation among students in grades 3-5. Students have acquired fundamental skills in 3D printing and design using platforms like Tinkercad, laying the groundwork for future exploration in STEM fields. They have developed proficiency in conceptualizing ideas and translating them into tangible objects through digital modeling and printing. As an initial project, each student had the opportunity to design and print a bag tag keychain. This laid the groundwork for future creative projects by allowing them to discover the basics of 3D printing.

In addition, it has been incredibly heartening to witness the genuine excitement among our students regarding their 3D prints. They frequently visit the innovation lab, eager to check on the progress of their designs and see their creations come to life.

Overall, the integration of the 3D printer into our curriculum has proven to be a valuable investment, igniting students’ passion for learning and equipping them with essential skills for the future.

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