Attending Biennial Conference 2022

I was so thankful to receive this grant to be able to attend my first NAES Biennial conference in San Antonio, TX. This conference was so close to my heart because it was focused around Early Childhood Education (ECE). Many of the speakers and attendees were educators I met virtually during the pandemic. Ann had started the ECE weekly chats with all preschool educators in the country. It was a lifeline to many of us during a very difficult time. At the Biennial conference I was able to meet many of them face to face for the first time. We had some wonderful chats in person and I was able to attend many of the workshops given by my colleagues. What a wonderful time I had in San Antonio and I am so thankful to be able to attend with this grant from Ann Mellow’s fund!

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Shari Petrakis
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St Thomas’ Preschool
Fort Washington, PA