Graduate Support Thriving at St. James School


As we complete our 13th year and witness our first graduating class of eighth graders completing college, continuing training programs, or starting careers we are seeing the impact of our Graduate Support Program and our motto “Once you are a St. James student, you are always a St. James student.” The St. James School Graduate Support team never gives up on a student; they are committed to doing whatever it takes to help each alum achieve their potential and a stable, productive life. No matter the obstacle, St. James School will be there to provide compassionate support and resources.


1. A FULL CIRCLE MOMENT: For the first time, one of our own graduates returned to share her career experience with our students during our annual Career Week. Sydney Reddy, St. James Class of 2015, came back to talk to our students about her work in the Advancement Office of Mercy Career & Technical High School. Sydnee is a graduate of the Perkiomen School and Cabrini University.

2. Our Summer Camp Program for current students and graduates continues to grow by leaps and bounds. A few years ago we sent 3 students away to 2 private summer camps. This summer, 25 graduates are attending 13 different camps from Pennsylvania to Maine for up to 8 weeks. Furthermore, ten graduates will be attending academic camps at Brown University, Drexel University, Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania.

3. Max Austin, Class of 2020 is living proof of our motto, “Once a St. James student, ALWAYS a St. James student.” Max is currently a senior at Mercy Career and Technical High School, in the Culinary and Pastry Arts CTE program. This program prepares students to pursue post-secondary education in culinary or pastry arts. As part of his last semester at Mercy, Max is participating in a work co-op in St. James School’s kitchen. Since the beginning of January and continuing through the semester, Max is on campus every day from 12 noon to 5pm working with our kitchen team of Chef Anthony, Chef Floyd and Dining Room Manager, Tyshea Jackson. Max helps with lunch prep and cleanup for 138 students, faculty and staff. He also assists Chef Floyd with her two Cooking Class Enrichments on Thursday afternoons. Chef Floyd observes, “Max has his head on straight. He is passionate about what he does and knowledgeable; he has taught me a few things. He’s quiet, but he makes his mark in the kitchen.” Max has been accepted into the Culinary Institute of America as well as several other culinary programs.

8th Grader Chyna
Chyna entered St. James School as a 4th grader. She recalls that she was shy and nervous because she didn’t know a single other student. Today, Chyna is a standout member of the Class of 2024. After applying to 15 high schools, and being the first St. James student to be accepted to Germantown Friends School, Chyna is trying to make up her mind between William Penn Charter School and the prestigious Westtown boarding school. Chyna wants to be a psychiatrist because, “mental health is such an important part of our society.” She wants to, “help others have a peaceful and clear mind.” In her free time, Chyna enjoys journaling, jewelry making and reading, she’s currently reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. Her extracurricular activities have included, Creative Writing, ASL (American Sign Language) and Choir. She isn’t stressed about the decision she has to make because she says Sonya Kedarnath, Director of our Graduate Support Program is, “helping her think it through.” Chyna’s favorite thing about St. James is, “The community, because everyone here is so genuine, authentic and loving.”

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