2005 NAES Database Update Forms

It has come to our attention that the recently delivered 2005 NAES Database Update Form contains incorrect variable information for all recipients. We regret this error.

We have researched this problem and have learned that:

1. The data was correctly exported from our database system.
2. One or more sorts in a spreadsheet program after the export disconnected the name and address(es) of each recipient from the list of faculty/staff, board chair, sponsoring organization(s) and campuses.
3. The name and addresses of each schools were incorrectly connected to another school’s list of faculty/staff, board chair, sponsoring organizations and campuses. This is the incorrect information printed on your form.

We ask you forbearance and patience in this matter. We also ask that you complete this year’s database update process you have already received by

1. crossing out the incorrect information on the form.
2. providing the correct information on the form or another sheet of paper, and
3. return the form in the envelope provided.

Members may review the faculty/staff for their program currently listed in the NAES database by going our web site at:


This is so you may let us know who we need to delete, add or edit.

Again, we thank you for your patience.