2009-2010 Membership Forms Sent Out on April 30

2009-2010 NAES membership forms were mailed today, April 30, to all schools and school exploration committees listed in the NAES database as of April 15. The mailing was addressed to the head of school/primary contact.

In addition to the form, the mailing includes a letter from the Rev. Roger A. Ferlo, Governing Board president, and the Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, executive director, discussing two important points relating to 2009-2010 membership dues:

  • Instead of the 5% increase from 2008-2009 dues that was announced in February, the Governing Board has revised the 2009-2010 increase to 3%.
  • Schools are being asked to consider voluntarily paying the additional 2% increase (as outlined on the form) as a way to help NAES meet the match required for the $50,000 grant it has received from The Edward E. Ford Foundation.

A PDF version of this mailing is attached to this announcement and to the Members & Associate Members membership page of this Web site.

If you have questions about 2009-2010 membership and dues, please contact the NAES office at 800.334.7626, ext. 6134. A staff member will be glad to speak with you.