Biennial Conference 2010 Theme Announced

The National Association of Episcopal Schools is pleased to announce that From Every Family, Language, People, and Nation (Revelation 5:9) will be the theme of Biennial Conference 2010, scheduled for November 18–20, 2010 in San Antonio, Texas.

In his September 2007 Network article “The Obstacle Theory: Episcopal Identity and Our Pluralistic World,” the Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, the Association’s executive director wrote:

There is no greater challenge facing the Episcopal school today than to understand its identity in the midst of a world where the very nature of identity has dramatically shifted.

The Biennial Conference 2010 theme is intended to facilitate discussion and prayer about and the sharing of strategies and resources that respond to this challenge. We shall explore how it is that Episcopal schools, while boldly proclaiming who they are, welcome, educate, serve, and react and respond to all the students, families, and faculty and staff members who come to them. How is it that clarity about Episcopal identity can help all members of the school community be clear about their own religious and spiritual lives while understanding the true nature of religious and cultural pluralism in their community, nation, and the world? These important questions will be the basis for workshops, addresses, and worship. We look forward to exploring them with you next calendar year in San Antonio!