Biennial Conference 2012 to Offer Revamped Schedule and Expanded Offerings

[New York, NY] We asked you what you thought of Biennial Conference 2010 in San Antonio, and we’ve listened. Based on your feedback and suggestions, Biennial Conference 2012, November 15–17 in Baltimore, Maryland, will include a revamped schedule, expanded offerings, a dedicated chapel space, and complimentary meeting room wireless access. Here’s what you can expect to experience in the “Charm City.”

Biennial Conference 2012 Logo

A Revamped Schedule

We’ve revamped our schedule in order to bring you another networking occasion, more workshops, and in-depth learning options. Our goal is to provide access to more and better education and community-building activities. Here’s what’s new!

Morning Coffee Break on Friday
We’re adding a healthy morning coffee break on Friday so you can grab a snack and meet new and old colleagues while warding off the late morning blahs.

Six Blocks of Workshops Over Friday and Saturday
Friday will feature four blocks of eleven workshops each, plus a featured speaker in each time slot. That’s up from three blocks at past Biennial Conferences. This provides both full conference and Friday-only attendees with a richer and more valuable professional development experience.

Saturday will feature two blocks of traditional workshops, totaling nine 75-minute sessions. We’ve restructured Saturday in order to add …

Deep Dives on Saturday
These two-and-a-half hour sessions on Saturday morning will offer in-depth explorations of parish school governance and management; single sex educationa dn contemporary gender issues; and the Haiti Partnership Program. These sessions will include a mix of formal presentations and attendee interaction. Come prepared for an intensive learning experience!

A Dedicated Chapel Space

It’s back. A dedicated chapel space will be set up in one of the meeting rooms for daily Morning Prayer and for attendee use at other times. So come pray, meditate, or re-center yourself in what promises to be a unique and inspiring sacred space.

Photo of Baltimore Inner Harbor

Wireless Internet Access in Meeting Rooms

This was the top suggestion and request on the Biennial 2012 survey. You asked for it, and we’re bringing it to you. Complimentary wireless Internet access will be available in all meetings rooms during the course of Biennial Conference 2012. Presenters will be able to offer a richer experience and you’ll be able to “tweet” and “like” what you’re seeing and hearing in real time.

These updates and changes will be in addition to the usual quality epxerience you’ve come to expect at Biennial Conferences: fellowship, networking, worship, and professional and spiritual development. So, plan to come to Baltimore this November!