Network Converting to E-Newsletter Beginning with August 2010 Issue

Beginning with the August 2010 issue, Network, the National Association of Episcopal Schools’ member newsletter, will be published electronically as a blast e-newsletter. Named the most valuable NAES resource in member surveys and in conversations with staff, Network will continue to deliver valuable resources for members’ use, as well as important news about NAES activities, resources, events, and conferences. The conversion will also allow NAES to meet a variety of important goals.

Saving and Reallocating Money
For the last two years, NAES spent, on average, $44,000 on printing and mailing costs for the production of Network, not including allocated personnel and overhead costs. Even with a one-time set-up cost, NAES will realize substantial savings in this operational area with the e-newsletter, as annual e-mail costs will be covered by an existing Web hosting contract. These monies can now be reallocated to support existing or new programs and initiatives.

Going Green
With an average print run of 4,500 copies per 8-page issue, and published 11 times per year, Network annually consumes

  • 99,000 sheets of 11" x 17" paper
  • 49,500 6" x 9" envelopes
  • 99,000 staples
  • 27½ pounds of black and PMS Reflex Blue inks
  • Energy for running the printing presses, addressing machines, and the United States Postal Service sorting machines and delivery trucks

Network is NAES’ single largest repeating print project. Moving to an e-newsletter is one way the Association can join with its member schools and their students and families in being better stewards of Creation.

Expanding Content and Connecting to the Web
There’s just no way around it. An 8-page issue of Network limits the number of articles and attendant resources. It also means that in many cases readers need to type those long, complicated URLs into a Web browser to access related resources. The electronic version of Network will allow NAES to publish more new and valuable articles and point readers to resources on the Internet and NAES Web site that they can access with the click of your mouse.

In today’s world, swift, accurate, and up-to-date communication about unfolding events is the norm. An e-newsletter offers the Association the ability to communicate with you without production lag times. For example, the March 2010 issue of Network, dedicated to the earthquake in Haiti, went to press in early February. Even as it was at the printer and in the mail, the situation of the Episcopal diocese of Haiti, its schools, and institutions, and their rebuilding, was changing on a regular basis. An e-newsletter would have made, and in the future will make, it possible for NAES to be more timely in communicating with members.

Future Possibilities
The new e-newsletter system will offer NAES the possibility of additional e-newsletters for affinity groups within the Association and for its Annual Fund and Endowment donors. These additional communication pieces are not coming soon, but the new system will make it easier for the Association to consider such publications and to respond to shifting member preferences and needs.

We look forward to bringing you the new, electronic Network. Watch the home page "NAES Announcements" and the May and June isssues of Network for information about preparing for this conversion and other content-related information.