Episcopal Identity Resources and General Convention 2006

As detailed in the May 5 letter from the Governing Board to all heads of school, directors, chaplains, teachers of religion, rectors, trustee chairs, and member school admission, development and communication directors, below is the PDF entitled "Episcopal Identity Resources and General Convention 2006." It contains the following resources:

  • Letter from the Governing Board of the National Association of Episcopal School to the Episcopal Schools Community Regarding General Convention 2006, May 5, 2006.
  • Principles of Good Practice for Furthering Episcopal Identity in Episcopal Schools.
  • The Idea of an Episcopal School.
  • NAES Governing Board Resolution of Pastoral Support for Episcopal Schools, September 2003.
  • NAES Strategic Plan 2001 (Introduction and Goal 1 – Episcopal Identity).

Questions and concerns can be directed to Peter Cheney at the Association’s office in New York (212.716.6133, or <pgc@episcopalschools.org>), or to our Senior Associate Consultant Laura C. Walker (305.661.2452, or <lauracwalker@bellsouth.net>).