Episcopal Schools Celebration Slated for October 3 & 9, 2010

Mark your calendars today. Episcopal Schools Celebration 2010-2011 (ESC) will take place October 3–9, 2010. The theme will be From Every Family, Language, People, and Nation (Revelation 5:9), which is also the theme for Biennial Conference 2010.

Observed during the first full week of October, ESC is when Episcopal schools, Early Childhood Education programs, and school exploration committees celebrate their own ministry and that of the over 1,250 other programs throughout The Episcopal Church. Whether it is at school, the parish, or cathedral, or at a diocesan-wide worship service, community service project, or other special event, ESC is the time to give thanks and to proclaim the good news that is the ministry of Episcopal schools.

To begin brainstorming for your school’s Episcopal Schools Celebration worship service, here are the suggested propers:

  • Genesis 11:1–9
  • Psalm 33:12–22  or Canticle 18
  • Acts 2:1–11
  • John 1:1–14

NAES will send a complete ESC resource brochure to all heads of school, chaplains, and rectors in August. The brochure will also be posted to the NAES Web site in August. 2010-2011 member schools will also receive a poster for display.