Haiti Earthquake and Haitian Episcopal Schools: Updated July 30, 2010

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News from and about the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti and Its Schools – Updated July 30, 2010

School Partnership Program Moves Forward
Partnerships between Episcopal schools in the Diocese of Haiti and over forty Episcopal schools in the United States are actively moving forward. Schools in Haiti have been identified, the partnerships have been approved by Bishop Duracin, and Episcopal schools in the United States who requested a partnership have been contacted by The Rev. P. Roger Bowen, liaison to the Partnership Program. 

Schools in the United States will work with their partner schools to meet identified needs, particularly financial support for school buildings, instructional materials, faculty salaries, tuition support for student who otherwise cannot afford school fees, and food programs. Ongoing personal and school-to-school relationships between the two school communities will also be established.

All NAES schools with new or existing partnerships, and any school interested in learning more about the partnership program, are urged to attend the Special Focus Session on Haiti which will be held on Thursday, November 18 from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. at Biennial 2010 in San Antonio. 
The Special Focus session will provide an in-depth orientation to Haiti, its schools, and the ways that schools can insure successful partnerships. It will be led by:
  • Roger Bowen, who coordinates the Haiti school partnership program in the US
  • Pere Kesner Ajax and other representatives from the Diocese of Haiti, who coordinate partnerships in Haiti and work directly with Episcopal schools there
  • Serena Beeks, Executive Director of the Commission on Schools for the Diocese of Los Angeles, a long-time participant in the partnership program
  • Katie Mears of Episcopal Relief and Development, who has spent a great deal of time in post-earthquake Haiti
  • David Copley, Mission Personnel Director for the Episcopal Church, whose responsibilities for Episcopal Church missionaries around the world and personal experience as a relief worker will provide insight into how to build and sustain cross-cultural relationships and effective international development partnerships.

Haiti Moves Into Recovery Phase
International relief efforts have shifted from acute aid to recovery. The Haitian government has completed an initial assessment of the losses to Haiti as a result of the earthquake and outlined its needs. In April 2010, Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive and former U.S. President Bill Clinton  were named co-directors of the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC) , an agency structured similarly to the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency which was set up in Indonesia after the 2004 South Asia tsunami. On July 17, 2010, the IHRC identified $31 million in specific projects.

The rainy season has made life in refugee camps more difficult, however, and coordination of aid efforts remains problematic. Episcopal Relief and Development continues to work on behalf of the people of Haiti through projects ranging from transitional housing to jobs creation.

Partnership Program of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti

Partnerships Begin
If your school requested a partnership with a school in Haiti, either through the Reverend P. Roger Bowen or through NAES, your school received an email in June from Roger Bowen with the name of your partner school, contact information, and suggested next steps. The e-mail was sent to the person at the school who made the partnership request, whether through Roger Bowen or through NAES.

If your school did  not receive information, or if you have any questions about how to begin your partnership, e-mail Roger Bowen or Ann Mellow, Associate Director of NAES.

It is hoped that group visits to Haiti may be possible beginning later in 2010. All partnership schools are urged to attend the special focus session on Haiti on November 18 at Biennial Conference 2010 in San Antonio.

Interested in Joining the Partnership Program?
To join the Haiti Partnership Program, e-mail Roger Bowen, liaison to the Partnership Program, or NAES. U.S. partner schools will be provided with contact information, a list of prioritized needs, and ways that meaningful relationships can be established and sustained.

Schools/Churches with Pre-existing Partnerships
The Partnership Program is accepting donations from existing partner organizations in the United States. Those schools or parishes with a pre-existing relationship with the Partnership Program should contact Pere Kesner Ajax, Partnership Program Coordinator, for information about how to wire the money into the Partnership Program account.

U.S. Episcopal Schools with Current or Prospective Haiti Episcopal School Partnerships
The following Episcopal schools are active or prospective participants in the Partnership Program.

How Else Can Episcopal Schools Help?

Support Episcopal Relief & Development’s Ongoing Relief and Recovery Efforts
Episcopal Relief & Development continues to partner with the Episcopal diocese of Haiti and other NGOs to distribute critical food, water, medicine, and shelter; and to support redevelopment projects in coordination with the diocese.

Contribute to the Episcopal Church’s Fund for the Diocese of Haiti
The Episcopal Church has created a fund that will be used to support the Episcopal diocese of Haiti as it rebuilds churches, and other diocesan institutions that have been destroyed or severely damaged. To contribute:

  • Make checks payable to the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society
  • Indicate donation is for the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti/Church and Facilities Rebuilding
  • Mail to DFMS – PO Box 12074, Newark, NJ 07101

Episcopal Schools Take Action to Help Haiti

The following stories are just a sampling of the many ways Episcopal schools continue to support the people of Haiti. We will feature schools’ news as it is received. Send us a description of what your schools is doing to info@episcopalschools.org.

Since the January 2010 earthquake, 48 Episcopal schools have made donations to Episcopal Relief and Development to support relief and rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

St. George School, San Antonio TX and the Haiti Partnership Program were featured in the June 2010 issue of Episcopal News Monthly. Through its "Chain of Love" project, St. George’s has raised over $30,000 to build St. Benoit School in Mombin-Crochu, Haiti.A delegation from St. George’s  visited the school in April, 2010.

Chatham Hall, Chatham, VA — Chatham Hall has established a full scholarship for a student from Haiti. In collaboration with the Diocese of Haiti and the Partnership Program, a Haitian student will join Chatham Hall’s freshman class in September.


Curriculum and Worship Resources for Episcopal Schools

Here are some resources for school use:

How Can I Stay Informed About Conditions and Relief Efforts in Haiti?

The following websites provide timely and reliable information about conditions and efforts in Haiti, and on the Episcopal Church and its related organizations, including schools:

Prayer List of Episcopal Schools in Haiti

Below is a partial list of Episcopal schools in the diocese of Haiti that was compiled by the Bureau Anglican de l’Éducation en Haiti (BAÉH) and provided to NAES in June 2009 by the Rev. P. Roger Bowen. It is the most complete list available and is arranged by region and then by location and name of school.

Sud Est
Bahot, St. Bathelemy
Bainet, Ascension
Bainet, St. Esprit
Bainet, St. Etienne
Bas de gauche, Bon Samaritain
Baudin Jean Pierre, Le Vrai Cep
Begin, St. Mathieu
Berault, St. Pierre
Bresilienne, St. Luc
Cavalier, Bon Berger
Denard, St. Jacques
Dutete, St. Thomas
Duvignon, Tranfiguration
Gazou, Ste. Croix
Grand Doux, Epiphanie
La Feuillade, La Toussaint
La Vallée, St. Barnabé
La Voute, Christ Roi
Labiche, St. Cyprien
Lamothe, St. Etienne
Lavaneau, St. Thomas
Lebeau, Bonne Nouvelle
Marigot, St. Esprit
Moreau, St. Jean Baptiste
Petite Rivière, St. Philippe et St. Jacques
Saurel, Incarnation
Venant, St. Nom de Jésus

Miragoâne, St. Marc
Petit Trou, Communautaire Carrefour Lundi
Petit Trou, St. Paul

Cap-Haïtien, St. Esprit
Limonade, St. Etienne
Trou du Nord, St. Luc

Port de Paix, Saints Innocents
La Tortue, St. Aidan
Morne Rosette, St. Jacques

Béraud, Ascension
Camp Perrin, St. Thomas
Cavaillon, St. Esprit,
Cayes, St. Sauveur
Dubreuil, St. Barthélemy
Le Pretre, Incarnation
Maccabé, St. André
Maniche, St. Augustin
Ravine à l’Anse, Ste. Croix
Savanette, St. Jean Baptiste
Torbeck, St. Paul

Bayonais, St. Mathieu
Chermaitre, St. Paul
Fiervil, St. Michel
Figaro, St. Luc
Gonaïves, Rédemption
Gros Morne, Résurrection
L ‘Acul, Bon Samaritain
Petite Riviere de l’Arbonite, St. Luc
Treille, St. Barnabas

Belladère, Transfiguration
Boucan Carré, Bon Sauveur
Boucan Carré, St. Jacques les Bayes
Caracol, St. Paul
Cerca la source, St. Marc
Cerca, Saint Marc
Deslandes, St. Matthias
Gascogne, St. Paul
Hinche, St. André
La Yole, St. Jacques
Lascahobas, Bon Berger
Lascahobas, Philadelphie
Lascahobas, Saints Innocents
Lascahobas, Secours d’en Haut
Lascahobas, St. Esprit
Lascahobas, St. Jean
Lascahobas, St. Luc
Lascahobas, St. Mathieu
Le Casse, Confession de St. Pierre
Locobe, St. Patrick
Mirebalais, St. Pierre
Pouillé, Saint Luc
Pouly, Ascension
Savane à Roche, St. Marc
Savanette, St. Philippe et St. Jacques
Thomassique, St. Luc
Thomonde, St. Jacques
Thomonde, St. Mathias
Trianon, Saint André

Anse à Galet, St. François d’Assise
Arcahaie, St. Thomas
Bigonet, Léogane, Bonne Nouvelle
Bois Blanc, Montrouis, St. Marc
Bois Brulé, Saint Jacques
Bolosse, Annonciation
Buteau, St. Etienne (destroyed)
Carrefour, Bon Samaritan (destroyed)
Casale, St. André
Château Gaillard, St. Timothée
Corail, Christ Roi
Crochu, St. Alban
Croix des Bouquets, St. Siméon
Danot, Grand Goave, Bon Berger
Darbonne, St. Esprit (destroyed)
Delmas, St. Martin de Tours (destroyed)
Duny, St. Simon et St. Jude
Embouchure, St. Joseph
Ganthier, St. Sacrement
Gorman, Transfiguration
Gressier, St. Joseph d’Arimathée
Gressier, St. Philippe et St. Jacques
Gros Mangles, Saint Esprit
Gros Morne, St. Pierre
Janjan, St. Jean Baptiste
L’Acul de Léogane, Epiphanie
L’Asil, St. Luc
La Colline, St. Agnes
La Tournelle, Ste. Marguerite
Léger, Christ-Roi
Léogâne, Bon Samaritain (destroyed)
Léogâne, St. Marc (destroyed)
Léogâne, Ste. Croix (destroyed)
Lilavois, St. Marc
Lotoré, Saint Barnabas
Mathieu, St. Mathieu
Mercery, Léogane, St. Luc
Miton, St. André
Montrouis, St. Paul
Nan mango, Saint Bartelemy
Nouvelle Cité, Ste. Croix
Orangers, St. Michel
Petit Harpon, St. Jean L’evangeliste
Petite Cotelette, Saints Innocents
Pilard, St. Joseph d’Arimathée
Plaine Mapou, Saint Jean Baptiste
Platon Balai, Saint Jude
Port-au-Prince, St. Vincent (destroyed)
Port-au-Prince, Ste. Trinité (destroyed)
Sanite, Confession de St. Pierre
Thomazeau, St. Michel
Thor Le Volant, Ascension
Tom Gateau, St. Patrick
Trou Jacques, St. Philippe et St. Jacques
Trouin, Saint Marc