Hurricane Katrina: Enrollment Opportunities for Evacuated Students

This page contains information about enrollment opportunities for evacuated students and for Episcopal schools wishing list enrollment opportunities.

If you and your family have been evacuated due to Hurricane Katrina and are seeking a temporary Episcopal school for your child or children, you may go to our Find a Member School page to search for a list of NAES member schools and their contact information. The URL is listed below.

For a PDF list of Episcopal schools with available enrollments, please click on the link under related documents. Contact information for the schools is provided. A list of Episcopal schools in Louisiana that are open is included in this file; please contact these schools directly about possible enrollment. The PDF file will be updated as information becomes available. Please check this page daily after 4:30 p.m. EDT for any updates.

While the Association is encouraging NAES schools to accommodate as many students as possible from Episcopal schools affected by Hurricane Katrina, we recognize that openings, admission policies and cost must be determined by the unique circumstances at individual schools. You will need to contact the schools directly for information.

A variety of other Episcopal and independent schools organizations are collecting and distributing information about possible enrollment opportunities. Please visit their web sites, links for which are listed under related URLs, for information.


Episcopal Wishing to Offer Enrollment Opportunities
NAES is collecting and
posting to its web site information about enrollment opportunities at
Episcopal schools. To add your school to the list, please contact NAES
at 800.334.7626, ext. 6134, or <> with
the subject line Katrina Enrollment Options. Please be sure to include
the name of and phone number and e-mail for the person parents should
contact, along with the grades and number of seats available and all
other pertinent information.

A Prayer
Dear God. Give comfort, strength and peace to those most affected by
Hurricane Katrina, especially any who have lost or are separated from
loved ones. May the ache in their hearts be the place where your
unfailing love and their brokenness find each other. May this tragedy
bring resolve, conviction and a deep spirit of generosity to each of
us. Teach us to embrace our sadness lest it turn to despair, and unite us
in our common humanity, as we reach out in hope to those who suffer. Amen.

Written by the Rev. Peter G. Cheney, NAES Executive Director