Hurricane Katrina: How Your Episcopal School Can Help

This page features information about how you or your Episcopal school community can assist with relief efforts. We shall update this page as information becomes available.

A Prayer
Dear God. Give comfort, strength and peace to those most affected by
Hurricane Katrina, especially any who have lost or are separated from
loved ones. May the ache in their hearts be the place where your
unfailing love and their brokenness find each other. May this tragedy
bring resolve, conviction and a deep spirit of generosity to each of
us. Teach us to embrace our sadness lest it turn to despair, and unite us
in our common humanity, as we reach out in hope to those who suffer. Amen.

Written by the Rev. Peter G. Cheney, NAES Executive Director

Episcopal Relief and Development: Emergency Assistance and Long-Term Recovery Programs
Episcopal school communities are asked to support emergency relief efforts and long term recovery programs by making donations to Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD). Funds collected by ERD and forwarded to Episcopal Church dioceses in the affected areas. Other organizations and sources of information on similar effforts are listed under related URLs.

Aid to Damaged Episcopal Schools
Communications in the hurricane zone and the evacuation of people has made it difficult for the NAES staff to gather information about the status and levels of damage to schools currently closed by Katrina. As we are able to gather lists of their short- and long-term needs we shall be posting this information to this section of our web site and communicating directly about how to help.

Aid to Episcopal Schools Receiving Evacuated Students
Episcopal schools in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and other areas are receiving and enrolling evacuated students. We shall be gathering information about how you can help these schools assist these students and their families and posting it to this section of our web site.

Enrollment Opportunities at Episcopal Schools
collecting and posting to its web site information about enrollment
opportunities at Episcopal schools. To add your school to the list,
please contact NAES at 800.334.7626, ext. 6134, or
<> with the subject line Katrina
Enrollment Options. Please be sure to include the name of and phone
number and e-mail for the person parents should contact, along with the
grades and number of seats available and all other pertinent
information. We are updating the list as quickly as possible and
posting a revised PDF no later than 4:30 p.m. EDT when necessary.

Teaching Opportunities
Episcopal schools that are enrolling evacuated students are assessing their need for teachers to augument their current staff and their ability to compensate these new teachers. As these needs are identified to us we shall post this information to the Career Opportunities section of our web site. Please click on the links under that header at the left for these pages.

Our prayers and thoughts are with all the victims of this terrible natural disaster.