Introducing the New NAES Logo

New York, NY — The National Association of Episcopal Schools is pleased to introduce its new logo.

New NAES Logo

The new logo will make its formal debut later this month in conjunction the launch of the new NAES website during the the week of April 16. It will be featured on all NAES materials.

“Proud Member” and “Proud Corporate Subscriber“ versions will also make their debut at the same time.

About the Redesign

While retaining the current shield, the refreshed brandmark includes:

  • NAES’ full name in new typography;
  • a new color scheme; and
  • a new tagline: “Excellence Through Association.”

Typography and Color Scheme
The Association’s full name is once again included in the logo. A combination of new serif (“Friz Quadrata”) and sans serif (“Stone Sans”) fonts have been selected to provide a modern look and feel.

To reinforce the Episcopal identity of NAES and our member schools, the blue and red in the Episcopal Church shield has been selected for the color scheme. The NAES shield and name are in blue, a nod to the current logo, while red is used to highlight the tagline and “proud member” and “proud coporate subscriber” variants.

Excellence Through Association
 — Our New Tagline
 NAES’ new tagline, “Excellence Through Association,” is meant to communicate

  • the commitment of Episcopal schools to excellence in their chosen educational missions;
  • the mutual support Episcopal schools offer one another in pursuit of this commitment; and
  • the Association’s role in nurturing and facilitating both the commitment and the community through its programs, services, and resources.

The tagline is based in an essay by the Rev. Dr. John Crocker, Sr., headmaster emeritus of Groton School, that appeared in the Directory of Episcopal Church Schools 1972-1973

Excellence depends upon association. No important enterprise can flourish without the strength that comes from moral support, from the exchange of ideas, from mutual encouragement and criticism. (“The Episcopal Church in Education”)

The new logo is the work of Lawrence Daniels and Blue Sky Design, Inc.