Katrina and Rita: How You Can Help and Resources for Ministry and Recovery

Visit this page for information about hurricane relief efforts, long-term recovery partnerships, student enrollments and resources for school ministry and recovery. This page will be updated as information and resources become available.

Relief and Assistance
The need for food, water, ice, shelter and other necessities continues. Under "Related Links" you will find links to the web sites of

  • Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) and the American Red Cross;
  • The Episcopal Church diocese in the hurricane areas; and
  • The Episcopal Church USA web page devoted to Katrina/Rita resources.

Please continue to give as generously as you can. If your school/ECE program has already provided monetary or other assistance, please let us know via e-mail at info@episcopalschools.org with the subject line "Katrina/Rita Assistance Provided." Our thanks to all of you who have already let us know about your efforts.

Partnerships for Long-term Recovery
Many schools have contacted us about partnering with a school/ECE program for long-term recovery. In many instances, the programs needing help are not yet physically able to receive it, but will need and be able to accept your help at some future date, be it now, second semester or later. We ask that you be ready when the call goes out. NAES is developing a list of schools offering partnerships and programs needing assistance. To add your school to either section of the list, please e-mail the following information to us at info@episcopalschools.org with the subject line "Katrina/Rita Partnerships":

  • Name, e-mail and phone of the person at your school in charge of partnership activities;
  • School name and address; and
  • Partnership/Assistance you can provide or need.

Student Enrollments
Our thanks to the many schools that have offered to enroll evacuated students and to the school that have done so. We continue to publish such offers in the below-listed PDF and to compile information about enrollments. To add your information to either list, please e-mail us at info@episcopalschools.org with the subject line "Katrina/Rita Enrollments."

Resources for School/ECE Ministry and Recovery
Under the "Related Files" and "Related Links" headers you will links to PDF files and web sites, respectively, that provide information and resources for a variety of ministry and rebuilding needs. These include

  • Katrina/Rita Prayer List (for use at 2005-2006 Episcopal Schools Celebration observances and throughout the year);
  • Advice on the care and support of children and faculty;
  • Resources for rebuilding schools and ECE programs;
  • Resources for schools and ECE programs enrolling evacuated students; and
  • Other resources as they become available.

Godspeed to you all.