NAES Awards 2011 Outreach Fund Grants

The National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) is pleased to announce that it has awarded Outreach Fund grants totaling $12,000 to 12 member schools for use in the 2011-2012 school year.

Each year NAES designates $12,000 or 10% of its budgeted Annual Fund goal, whichever is higher, to be distributed in the form of grants to members, associate members and regional, state or diocesan Episcopal schools organizations. These grants support projects commensurate with the mission and philosophy of the Association.

Calvary Episcopal School, Bastrop, TX—Tuition Assistance Program, which supports ten low-income families to enroll their children in school.

The Gooden School, Sierra Madre, CA—Liturgy Project, to support an internship responsible for updating the school’s liturgical materials.

Grace Montessori School, Allentown, PA—Scholarship Fund Program, provides assistance to low-income families so that their children can enjoy life-long benefits in cognitive, psychological, social, physical and spiritual development

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, New Orleans, LA—Scholarship Fund Program, which supports field trips to liturgically historical places for 7th and 8th grade students, tying teachings of the Bible to the world around them.

St. Catherine’s School, Richmond, VA—Biblical Garden, to assist in funding a Biblical garden to provide education and service opportunities for students while learning the faith stories of the Bible, and foster a larger ecological calling to preserve all of God’s creations.

St. George’s Independent Schools, Germantown, TN—Camp Dragon, a summer camp dedicated to the physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual development of disadvantaged urban youth.

St. James’ Episcopal School, Austin, TX—Scholarship Program, which provides support for students in a diverse East Austin early childhood program.

St. John’s Episcopal Parish Day School, Chula Vista, CA—Peace Builders Program, an inclusive school-climate program creating peaceful learning environments, where everyone learns, acquires, and practices skills to ensure positive and respectful behaviors in order for students to achieve academic, personal, and interpersonal success.

St. John’s Northwest Military Academy, Delafield, WI—Religious Studies Program, including funding guest speakers and field trips to diverse places of worship for 60 students.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Day School, Baton Rouge, LA—Community Garden, to assist in funding a community garden to foster God’s gifts, create and nurture partnerships, and promote personal formation of moral, spiritual, and social development for students and the community.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Montessori School, San Antonio, TX—Nurturing the Dream, to support commitment of fostering inclusivity, equity, and justice within the school through tuition assistance for underserved populations.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School, Coconut Grove, FL—Enhancing Two Food Ministries, to assist in expanding the scope and offerings of the Sandwich ministry (distributed to the homeless in Coconut Grove) and the Food Pantry Program.