NAES Launches Revamped Web Site Library and Other Enhancements

New York, NY – The National Associational Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) has just launched a revamped Library and a variety of enhancements to its Web site, Designed in collaboration with Virginia-based Matrix Group International, Inc., the changes are designed to improve navigation throughout the site and provide more streamlined and helpful access to resources.

Library Revisions
The revamped Library features a newly revised taxonomy structure that is editable on the fly and includes more file types, making it possible for NAES to respond more nimbly to changes in resources classification and media developments. This taxonomy now appears on the Library splash page as collapsible/expanding category and sub-category links, which make the page “shorter” and more navigable. The category pages now include descriptions, when warranted, for all types of available resources so you can learn more about a particular resource before accessing it.

Other Enhancements
In addition to the Library revisions, we have made other small, but important, changes to the Web site:

  • Site-wide drop-down menus for each section of the site and a home button, to aid you in navigating the site.
  • Changes to the colors of boxes and section links designed to help you know what items relate to the page you are viewing and in which section of the site you are located.
  • A short video of the Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, in which he discusses Episcopal schools and NAES.

The National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) is an independently incorporated, voluntary membership organization that supports, serves, and advocates for the vital work and ministry of those who serve over 1,200 Episcopal schools, Early Childhood education programs, and school establishment efforts throughout The Episcopal Church. Chartered in 1965, with historic roots dating to the 1930s, NAES is the only pre-collegiate educational association that is both national in scope and Episcopal in character. The Association offers a variety of services, publications, resources, and conferences consonant with its mission and focused principally on Episcopal school identity, leadership, and governance, and on the spiritual and professional development of school leaders.