New Web Resources for Members – April 2008

Here are the new web site member resources for April 2008.

Challenges for Episcopal Schools Boards
Jonathan Glass’ June 2001 Network article examines how different working styles, varying views of Episcopal identity and specific parish school issues can hinder the work of school boards. He offers strategies for managing these differences so as to improve the functioning of the school board.
Episcopal Identity & Religious Life; Glass, The Rev. Jonathan T.; Governance & Church/School Relations; Trustees & Trusteeship in Episcopal Schools.

The Episcopal School Trustee as Ambassador
Peter Cheney’s November 2000 Network article examines the need for and desirability of Episcopal school trustees and board members to be ambassadors of the "core Episcopal identity of the school." Specific ways trustees/board members can live out this role are offered and discussed.
Cheney, The Rev. Peter G.; Trustees & Trusteeship in Episcopal Schools.

Evaluating the Head of School
Originally published as part of the NAES Toolkit, Jonathan Glass discusses the rationale for and important characteristics of the annual evaluation of the head of school and some pitfalls some schools may unwittingly create as part of the process. A list of possible areas of evaluation, drawn from a model from St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Austin, Texas, is included.
Glass, The Rev. Jonathan T.; Heads of School & Headship in Episcopal Schools; Job Descriptions & Evaluation Tools; Trustees & Trusteeship in Episcopal Schools.

Maintaining Clear Roles and Boundaries for Episcopal School Trustees
Jonathan Glass’ June 1998 Network article on helping school board members, who may wear multiple hats in the school community, understand where the boundaries of behavior and confidentiality are located. The development of a mentoring program is discussed as a possible way to address this need of trustee education.
Glass, The Rev. Jonathan T.; Trustees & Trusteeship in Episcopal Schools.

A Rector’s Reflections on Board Orientation
Roger Ferlo’s October 1997 Network article lays our the rationale and offers specific tips for a thorough orientation of new board members, regardless of whether or not they are Episcopalians or have an intimate knowledge of the school by virtue of being a parent, alumnus/a, vestry member or parishioner.
Governance & Church/School Relations; Rectors & Rectorship in Episcopal Schools; Trustees & Trusteeship in Episcopal Schools.

Strategic Plans, Annual Goals Statements and Evaluative Reviews: A Threefold Approach
Jonathan Glass, in his October 2000 Network article, posits that the success of any school’s strategic planning process is rooted in relating the plan’s promised outcomes to the annual goals set by and for the board and head of school and the to the annual evaluation of their performance in relation to those goals. A general discussion of the strategic planning process is also included.
Glass, The Rev. Jonathan T.; Job Descriptions & Evaluation Tools; Strategic & Annual Planning.