New Web Resources for Members – February 2008

Here are the new web resources for members available in February 2008. Click on the Library subject pages links for information about these and other resources and to download the PDF file. For a links to other subject pages, visit the Library.

The Chaplain as Administrator
John Merchant explores the tensions that can exist between a school chaplain’s ministry of presence to the community and her or his role as an administrator, and the need to balance such tensions for the good of the chaplain and school. Chaplains & Chaplaincy in Episcopal Schools.

The Chaplain as Crisis Manager: A Natural Match
Joe Britt, a school chaplain and EMT, discusses how his pastoral ministry as chaplain, and how this role led to his assuming the role as his school’s crisis management plan director. While not necessarily right for every school, he argues that chaplains may just be the right people to lead such efforts. Chaplains & Chaplaincy in Episcopal Schools; Health, Safety & Crisis Management.

Chaplain Ferguson? Yes?
Ruth Ferguson discusses her first months on the job as an Episcopal school chaplain and, in her reactions to the questions of her K-8 students, discerns the joys and pitfalls she had not comprehended before beginning her work. Chaplains & Chaplaincy in Episcopal Schools.

Chaplaincy Amidst Religious Diversity
Mary Katherine Allman relates her experience of school chaplaincy in an Episcopal school serving a religiously diverse population. In such a setting, the ability to become a "dialogical community" on the topic of religious pluralism, across departments and throughout the entire life of the school, is critical to the full education of the students served. Chaplains & Chaplaincy in Episcopal Schools; Episcopal Identity & Religious Life.

Early Childhood Chapel

Bill Gordh discusses his Early Childhood Education program’s chapel, including frequency of chapel services and their structure and content, as well as parent participation. Chaplains & Chaplaincy in Episcopal Schools; Early Childhood Education Programs; Worship, Liturgy & Music.

Is the Life I’m Living, the Life That Wants to Live in Me?
Peter Cheney argues that one central responsibility of an Episcopal school is to nurture students’ spiritual journey and its connection to their discovery of their vocation. Specific ways in which Episcopal schools do this are enumerated. Spirituality & Prayer; Cheney, The Rev. Peter G..

Peter Cheney reflects on what he believes to be the three key qualities of true leadership: taking care of oneself and others; leading from love not fear; and the necessity of being a "furtherer." Leadership & Professional Development; Cheney, The Rev. Peter G..

Ministry from Preschool through High School
Raggs Ragan relates her experiences as the chaplain at a P-12 school and identifies the variety of student concerns and responses to worship and counseling situations, as well as her ministry to parents. Chaplains & Chaplaincy in Episcopal Schools.

We’re Looking for a New Rector—And Our Church Sponsors a School!
Jonathan Glass explores important aspects of the search for and the new ministry of a rector at an Episcopal parish school. Includes discussion of the search process; the roles of the bishop, diocesan staff, vestry/search committee and head of school in the process; and first steps that new rectors should take to ensure their ministry gets off to a good start as it regards the school. Leadership Transition; Rectors & Rectorship in Episcopal Schools; Glass, The Rev. Jonathan T..