New Web Resources for Members – January 2008

Here are the new web resources for members available in January 2008. Click on the links for information about these and other resources and to download the PDF file. For a links to other subject pages, visit the Library.

Harassment Prevention: What We Owe Students
Jonathan Glass discusses student-on-student harassment and offers suggestions for maintaining a climate of civility and compassion in our schools and how school leaders can and should respond to these kinds of incidents should they occur. Health, Safety & Crisis Management; Glass, The Rev. Jonathan T.

Safety at School-Sponsored and School-Related Overnight Trips
Jonathan Glass identifies and examines overnight trips that are either school-sponsored or school-related and the potential misconduct that can ensue at them. Included are behaviors to avoid and some possible solutions to embrace. Healthy, Safety & Crisis Management; Glass, The Rev. Jonathan T.

Schools and Parents: Partners in Human Learning and Development
Peter Cheney discusses the importance of good partnerships between school leaders and students’ parents. He offers communication strategies, and their connection to Episcopal identity, for supporting these relationships. Parents, Parenting & Parent Associations; Cheney, The Rev. Peter G.