Welcome Chaplains New in 2010-2011!

Please join the Governing Board and staff of the National Association of Episcopal Schools in welcoming these individuals new to their school chaplaincy ministry in 2010-2011. If you see an old friend and colleague or someone new at a neighboring school on the list, then we hope you’ll reach out to them, welcoming them to Episcopal schools and to NAES. Links to current member schools are provided.

Again, welcome new chaplains!!

St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School, Coral Gables: The Reverend Percy J. Woodall, Jr., Interim Rector

Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, Atlanta: The Reverend Timothy H. Black, Middle & Preschool Chaplain

St. John’s Military School, Salina: The Reverend Brian J. Viel, Chaplain

St. Michael’s Episcopal Preschool, Mandeville: The Reverend Howard W. Bushey, Rector
St. Michael’s Episcopal Preschool, Mandeville: The Reverend Deacon Louis Ogle, Deacon

Groton School, Groton: The Reverend Mary Beth Humphrey Ph.D., Chaplain

Grace Episcopal Day School, Silver Spring: The Reverend Lael Sorensen, Curate and Chaplain to the Day School
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Potomac: The Reverend Elizabeth Carmody Gonzalez, Chaplain to the Lower and Intermediate Schools
St. Timothy’s School, Stevenson: The Reverend Kirk A. Kubicek, Chaplain

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Ridgeland: Mr. Andrew McLarty, Associate Lay Chaplain

New Hampshire
Holderness School, Plymouth: The Reverend Richard C. Weymouth, Chaplain

New York
Grace Day School, Massapequa: The Reverend Joshua D. Walters, Rector

North Carolina
Canterbury School, Greensboro: The Reverend Nathan M. Finnin, Chaplain
St. Paul’s Preschool, Cary: The Reverend Bernard J. Owens, Associate Rector
Trinity Episcopal School, Charlotte: The Reverend Loris N. Adams, Chaplain

CFS, The School at Church Farm, Exton: The Reverend Linwood Smith, Chaplain

Tennessee St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Memphis: The Reverend Katherine M. Bush, Chaplain
St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Memphis: Ms. Susan Snodgrass, Associate Chaplain

Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Dallas: Ms. Nancy Pierce, Middle School Lay Chaplain
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Austin: Ms. Ashley Brandon, Lower and Middle School Chaplain
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Austin: Mr. Clint Hagen, Upper School Assistant Chaplain
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Austin: The Reverend Robert J. Leacock, Upper School Chaplain
St. Martin’s Episcopal Preschool, Houston: The Reverend Martin J. Bastian, Senior Associate Clergy
St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School, Bellville: The Reverend David W. Hoster, Jr., Interim Rector
TMI—The Episcopal School of Texas, San Antonio: The Reverend Nathan L. Bostian, Chaplain

Chatham Hall, Chatham: The Reverend Ned W. Edwards, Jr., D.Min., Chaplain
Christchurch School, Christchurch: The Reverend Andrew A. Dunks, Chaplain
Parish Day School of Eastern Shore Chapel, Virginia Beach: Ms. Mary Lou Crifasi, Director for Youth Formation

If your school’s new chaplain for 2010-2011 is not listed here, please contact NAES to report his or her name and contact information to the Association. You may call 800.334.7626, ext. 6134, or e-mail info@episcopalschools.org.