Welcome New, Interim, and Acting Heads of School and Directors for 2010-2011

Please join the Governing Board and staff of the National Association of Episcopal Schools in welcoming these new, interim, and acting heads of school and directors for 2010-2011 to their school leadership ministry. If you see an old friend and colleague or someone new at a neighboring school on the list, then we hope you’ll reach out to them, welcoming them to Episcopal schools and to NAES. Links to current member schools are provided.

Again, welcome new, interim, and acting heads of school and directors!

Carillon Preschool, Portola Valley: Ms. Lynn Sowers
Saint Margaret’s Episcopal School, Palm Desert: Richard Cansdale, Ed.D.
St. Mark’s-In-The-Valley Episcopal Church Preschool, Los Olivos: Ms. Yvonne Lowe
St. Timothy’s Preparatory School, Apple Valley: Mr. Richard E. Webb

The Good Shepherd Day School, Punta Gorda: Mr. Graham Reed
Holy Comforter Episcopal School, Tallahassee: Mrs. Nancy N. Wood (interim)
San Jose Episcopal Day School, Jacksonville: Mrs. Lori Menger (acting)

Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, Atlanta: Mr. Frederick Betts (acting)
St. Matthew’s Preschool, Snellville: Ms. Diane Henderson

St. John’s Military School, Salina: Mr. Andy England

St. Michael’s School, Lexington: Mrs. Beth Fleenor

Christ Episcopal School, Covington: Mr. John Morvant
Episcopal High School of Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge: Mr. Hugh McIntosh
St. Martin’s Episcopal School, Metairie: The Reverend Walter J. Baer (interim)

Christ Episcopal School, Rockville: Mary Caroline Chapin, Ed.D.
St. John’s Episcopal School, Olney: Mr. Leonard Armstrong
Queen Anne School, Upper Marlboro: Ms. Christiana Holyer

Bethlehem School, Lynnfield: Mrs. Jennifer Baez

Coast Episcopal School, Long Beach: The Reverend Elizabeth G. Jones

New Mexico
St. John’s Episcopal School, Alamogordo: Mrs. Christine Duncan

New York
St. Matthew’s School, Bedford: Ms. Kelly Johnston (founding director)

Holland Hall School, Tulsa: Mr. Geoffrey C. Butler (interim)

St. James Preschool, Downingtown: Ms. Suzanne Diodato and Ms. Johanna Uggla

South Carolina
Little School at Grace Church, Charleston: Mrs. Amy E. Mathisen

Ascension Episcopal School, Houston: Mrs. Nancy T. Clausey
All Saints Episcopal School, Tyler: Mr. Randal E. Brown
St. James’ Episcopal School, Austin: Ms. Ellen Jockusch
St. John’s Episcopal Day School, Mcallen: Ms. Meredith Stanley
St. John’s Episcopal School, Abilene: Mrs. Rebecca McMillon
St. John’s Episcopal School, Dallas: Mr. Mark Crotty
Saint Luke’s Episcopal School, Lindale: Mrs. Kimberly Cooper
St. Mark’s Episcopal School, Houston: Mr. Garhett Wagers
St. Michael’s Episcopal School, Bryan: Kathryn M. Lucchese, Ph.D.
St. Paul’s Episcopal School, Waco: Mrs. Debbie Bennett (interim)
St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, Wimberley: Mr. Sam Sockwell
St. Thomas Early Learning Center, College Station: Mrs. Mary Skow (interim)
St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School, Houston: Jacqueline Kemper, Ed.D.

St Andrew’s School Richmond: Cynthia Weldon-Lassiter, Ed.D.
Virginia Episcopal School, Lynchburg: Mr. G. Thomas Battle, Jr.

Annie Wright School, Tacoma: Mr. Christian Sullivan

If your school’s new or interim head for 2010-2011 is not listed here, please contact NAES to report his or her name and contact information to the Association. You may call 800.334.7626, ext. 6134, or e-mail info@episcopalschools.org.