Workshop and Poster Presentation Proposals Sought for Biennial Conference 2012

New York, NY—The National Association of Episcopal Schools’ (NAES) Biennial Conference is the premier gathering of Episcopal school leaders to learn, share, network, and celebrate. We invite you to share your knowledge and expertise by submitting a workshop or poster session proposal for:

Biennial Conference 2012
The Gift of Joy and Wonder in All Your Works
November 15–17, 2012
Baltimore, Maryland

Here’s your opportunity to contribute to the expanding body of best practices and knowledge about the mission and ministry of Episcopal schools. PDFs containing the guidelines and forms for submitting your proposal are at the bottom of this announcement.

The proposal submission deadline is November 30, 2011.

About Workshops

In a world that increasingly defines educational excellence and success solely in terms of test scores and college admissions, Episcopal schools are countercultural in that they seek to build lives, not simply résumés. Through the theme of “The Gift of Joy and Wonder in All Your Works,” we shall celebrate programs, strategies, and ways of being that support and nurture this central tenet of Episcopal education. How can Episcopal schools help students, families, and all members of the school community depressurize and re-engage with the joy and wonder of education, life, and the world around them?

As always, we’ll also seek to explore best practices in Episcopal identity, leadership, governance, chapel and worship, teaching of religion, service and service-learning, equity and justice, community, the ministry of teaching, and operations and management.

Workshops will be 75 minutes in length and limited to no more than three (3) presenters in each workshop.

About Poster Sessions

Poster sessions showcase personal commitments and institutional equity and justice programs and initiatives in support of students, parents, faculty members, and the life of the school. These programs should be original, of high impact, and replicable. Among other things, presentations may feature programs related to:

  • Day-to-day school life
  • Teaching and curriculum
  • Admissions and financial aid
  • Staff/board recruitment, training, and retention
  • Parent education
  • Public purpose programming and public-private partnerships

Each poster presentation will have a 4 ft. tall x 8 ft. wide fabric covered cork board on which to display its poster. You may wish to think about your poster presentation as you would when preparing your classroom bulletin boards. This time around, though, it’s for adults and colleagues.

Posters will be on view Thursday-Saturday, November 15–17. During each of the four workshop blocks on Friday, November 16, one poster will be presented per block, with presenters answering questions and providing background information. Poster presentations are limited to two (2) presenters per presentation.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and to seeing you next year in Baltimore!