Episcopal Schools Weather Storms and Loss

Texas ButtonUnprecedented rainfall across large portions of Texas left schools closed, homes damaged or destroyed, and the tragic loss of an Episcopal parish and school family. The Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools and Episcopal dioceses, schools and parishes in Texas are working to support those affected by the storms.

Scores of homes were destroyed and damaged in Wimberley, Texas. St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Wimberley was not damaged, but several families lost their homes and everything within them.

Tragically, multiple members of the Carey family lost their lives in Wimberley when the house they had rented for a family vacation was destroyed by the flash flood.  Those lost included Michelle Carey Charba, who attended St. James Episcopal School in Corpus Christi and later taught middle school math there. The family worshipped regularly at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Corpus Christi.

Churches and homes in Houston also suffered water damage when the city experienced unprecedented flooding. As of this writing, no water damage was reported by Episcopal schools.

NAES is grateful to Cindy LaPorte, Head of School of All Saints’ Episcopal School in Austin, who shared news and updates. Cindy is parishioner at St. Stephen’s in Wimberley and a former faculty member at St. James in Corpus Christi. Cindy wrote, “Yes, our hearts are hurting.  I have been repeating a prayer that we use frequently at our church in Wimberley; it is the same one that is printed on the card that you would have received if I ever gave you one of the pewter hearts. ‘We pray that we may never ignore the procession of blessings surrounding us at every moment so, regardless of the distractions and reversals in our lives, we may be constantly mindful of God’s enduring grace.  For we know the light of Christ shines in the darkness… and the darkness has not overcome it. Amen.’”

More information about the effects of the storm and how to help: