Ghana Pilgrimage with Episcopal Relief & Development, June 30-July 9, 2017

Map of GhanaA joint pilgrimage to Ghana between Episcopal Relief & Development and the National Association of Episcopal Schools is planned for June 30–July 9, 2017. It is especially designed for NAES school folks and other educators,. This pilgrimage will be a special opportunity to connect to Episcopal Relief & Development’s work of “healing a hurting world” and with Anglican schools in Ghana.

The trip will take pilgrims to Ghana’s northern region where most residents are small landowners relying on subsistence farming, with one-third living below the poverty line. Ghana’s northern region is especially vulnerable to chronic poverty and food shortages due to erratic rainfall and a short harvest season. Also, this area has the country’s highest malnutrition and child mortality rates, with malaria claiming the lives of 22% of children under five every year.

This pilgrimage will visit historic sites related to the trans-Atlantic slave trade, including visits to the Pikworo Slave Camp, Elmina Castle, and the Cape Coast Castle. These site visits provide an opportunity for deep reflection and prayer about the slave trade and issues of racial reconciliation.

Space is limited and will be allocated on a first-received basis. For more information, and to reserve your place, please download the attached brochure and open it in Adobe Acrobat, not in your browser.

Ghana Pilgrimage Brochure June and July 2017

After completing the form and saving it, please email it to:

Mary Carr
Manager of the Executive Office & Director of Special Projects
Episcopal Relief & Developement

Questions should be directed to Ms. Carr.