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NAES is contacting Episcopal school leaders in the areas affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey for information about their status and needs. As the situation in affected areas develops, we will continue to add to this page.

How can I help?


Episcopal Relief and Development has identified the phases after a natural disaster as Rescue, Relief, and Recovery. While it may be tempting to want to send physical items such as blankets or food, during the rescue phase, organizations are not set up to receive large quantities of donated goods. Instead, a financial contribution is much more useful (see suggestions below). As we move into the recovery phase, stand by for updates from Episcopal Relief and Development as well as NAES on how you and your school might be able to help in more direct, but appropriate, ways.

Pastoral Responses

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Ways to Help

Post-Disaster Ministry Resources


Collect for Aid Against All Perils
The Book of Common Prayer
Lighten our darkness, we beseech thee, O Lord; and by thy great mercy defend us from all perils and dangers of this night; for the love of thy only Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

On the Occasion of a Disaster
Holy Women, Holy Men: Celebrating the Saints
Compassionate God… Draw near to us in this time of sorrow and anguish, comfort those who mourn, strengthen those who are weary, encourage those in despair, and lead us all to fullness of life; through the same Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen

Storms and Hurricanes
Cycle of Prayer for Episcopal Schools
O God, you rule over all creation, which you have set free to act according to its nature. We know and love your world, which is also a world of randomness and chance. You are Lord of chaos as well as of order. We pray to you for people caught in storms and hurricanes. We remember particularly those whose work is dangerous, police and firefighters, rescue workers of all kinds. You are known in storm and in calm, you are Lord of thunders, you moved across the hills of Judea. You are also a presence in stillness, a voice from the silence. You spoke to Job in the whirlwind, and quieted the Sea of Galilee. Wherever we are, in storm or calm, we know your presence. Call us sometimes to storm, sometimes to calm, sometimes to wilderness, sometimes to silence. Call us always to yourself, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.