NAES Releases Episcopal Urban School Alliance Videos

NAES ShieldThe National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) is pleased to announce the release of The Episcopal Urban School Alliance: A Movement for Change, a series of four short films highlighting the mission, ministry, and funding of a group of extraordinary NAES member schools. The films may be viewed on the NAES website or the association’s YouTube channel.

Founded in 2009 by NAES, the Episcopal Urban School Alliance (EUSA) brings together schools that were and continue to be founded by visionary Episcopal educators and clergy moved to fill a pressing educational need, and by parishes or dioceses seeking to make a significant difference on behalf of children and families in poverty.

Like other schools with a similar mission, most EUSA schools use a tuition-free model that relies on donations, grants, and in-kind services to sustain the school financially. Others have adopted a sliding scale fee structure or meet the school’s operating costs through a combination of low fees and charitable contributions.

“EUSA schools are exciting places of learning and ministry. I invite the Church and the wider world to watch and learn and celebrate with us,” says the Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, executive director of NAES.

The films explore four key aspects of EUSA schools: “A Movement for Change,”  “Serving Christ in All Children,” “Funding the Mission,” and “Cultivating Service & Justice.” Their creation was supported by a grant from the Good Samaritan Foundation of Wilmington, Delaware. The communications department of The Episcopal Church filmed and produced the videos. A DVD of the films has been distributed to to every diocesan bishop, Executive Council member, and other Episcopal Church leaders, as well as to independent school association leaders.

A limited number of additional copies of the DVD are available from the NAES office; please contact David Schnabel, communications and events manager, for more information.