Weekly Meditations: 2011-2014 By Daniel Heischman Published

Weekly Meditations 2011-2014 COver

The National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) announces the publication of Weekly Meditations: 2011-2014 by the Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, executive director of NAES.

Begun in September 2011, the Weekly Meditation is Dan’s regular email to the Association’s member heads, rectors, and chaplains. It is intended to inspire and encourage those who guide, lead, and tend to Episcopal schools and the students and families in their care. Oftentimes, it is forwarded to greater constituencies within school communities. For this reason, it is something eagerly awaited each Monday morning during the school year. The Association is pleased now to make his messages available to the wider school community and The Episcopal Church with this publication.

Heads of school and trustees; vestry members and parish clergy; bishops and diocesan staff; faculty members, chaplains, and administrators; parents; educators in general: All will find Dan’s pithy and thoughtful musings about the rhythm and culture of our schools, their Episcopal identity, the demands of leadership, and the education and moral development of our students to be honest, accurate, and uplifting. Whether you read them singly, or explore a month’s or year’s worth of messages in one sitting, you will find yourself, by turns, comforted, provoked, encouraged, and nourished for your journey both within and through Episcopal schools.

To purchase your copy of Weekly Meditations: 2011-2014, visit the NAES website here.