Welcome New and Interim Chaplains for 2016-2017

NAES ShieldNAES is delighted to welcome these new and interim chaplains for the 2016-2017 school year. Please say hello by calling or sending an email to a head of school near you!

Is your new chaplain not on this list? Please let us now via email at info@episcopalschools.org. We’ll be glad to update your school’s NAES database record and add him or her to this list.

The Rev. Ricardo X.-Z. Bailey (Ricardo)
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School
Atlanta, GA

Ms. Michelle Bullock (Michelle)
Lower School Chaplain
The Episcopal Academy
Newtown Square, PA

Ms. Betsy Burton (Betsy)
Interim Lay Chaplain, Middle School Assistant Director
Christ Church Episcopal School
Greenville, SC

The Rev. Annalise M. Castro (Annalise)
The St. Andrew’s Schools
Honolulu, HI

The Rev. Dorothée R. Caulfield (Dorothée)
Deacon and Parish Secretary
Christ’s Church Nursery School
Rye, NY

Terry J. Dumansky, Ph.D. (T.J.)
St. Paul’s School
Concord, NH

The Rev. Whitney Z. Edwards (Whitney)
Upper School Chaplain
St. Christopher’s School
Richmond, VA

Mr. Eric Gregory Snow (Eric)
St. Thomas’s Day School
New Haven, CT

Mr. Christian Hansen (Christian)
Chaplain, Religion & Values
St. Michael’s Episcopal School
Richmond, VA

The Rev. Stephanie R. Jenkins (Stephanie)
Bishop Seabury Academy
Lawrence, KS

The Rev. Whitney B. Kirby (Whitney)
Upper School Chaplain
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
Austin, TX

The Rev. (Major) Philip A. Kochenburger, USA (Phil)
Dean of Spiritual Life
Episcopal High School
Bellaire, TX

Mr. Derek M. Larson (Derek)
Saint George’s Episcopal School
Milner, GA

Mr. James Lawrence (James)
Lay Chaplain
Episcopal Day School of Christ Church Parish
Pensacola, FL

The Rev. Robert J. Leacock (Rob)
Episcopal Collegiate School
Little Rock, AR

Ms. Becky McDaniel (Becky)
Stuart Hall School
Staunton, VA

The Rev. Randy E. McIntosh (Randy)
St. John’s Military School
Salina, KS

Mr. Stephen H. Millender II (Steve)
Episcopal Day School
Southern Pines, NC

Ms. Lindsey W. Peery (Lindsey)
Chaplain and Faith Studies Teacher
Trinity Episcopal School
Charlotte, NC

Mr. Joseph Snavely (Joe)
Bethany School
Cincinnati, OH

The Rev. Kristen L. Sullivan (Kristen)
St. Mark’s Episcopal School
Houston, TX

Mrs. Courtney S. Taylor (Courtney)
Trinity Episcopal Day School
Natchez, MS

Mr. Joe Torrence (Joe)
Lower School Chaplain
St. Christopher’s School
Richmond, VA

The Rev. Amy Porterfield Turner (Amy)
Head Chaplain
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy
Melbourne, FL

The Rev. David W. Wagner (David)
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School
Atlanta, GA

The Rev. Christopher W. Whiteman (Christopher)
Interim Chaplain
Groton School
Groton, MA

The Rev. M. Chandler Whitman (Chandler)
Assistant to the Rector and School Chaplain
St. Martin’s in-the Field Episcopal School
Severna Park, MD

The Rev. Jane-Allison Wiggin-Nettles (Jane-Allison)
Head Chaplain
Christ Episcopal School
Covington, LA

The Rev. Bernard Y. Yung (Bernard)
St. John’s Episcopal School
Tamuning, GU