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Timely, sometimes tough, questions and insights from NAES and Episcopal school leaders on leadership, governance, Episcopal identity, community life, and other issues. Read More »

Principles of Good Practice for Equity and Justice in Episcopal Schools

By weaving the principles of equity and justice into the very fabric of the school’s overall life, Episcopal schools ensure that their missions are built on the sure foundation of a Christian love that guides and challenges all who attend our schools to build lives of genuine meaning, purpose and service. Adopted by the NAES Governing Board in 2013, this document outlines ideals to which Episcopal schools aspire. It is intended to assist Episcopal schools of all sizes and constellations in their efforts to develop meaningful programs, policies, and curricula, and serves as a useful tool for the ongoing assessment of this work. Read More »

Episcopal Identity 2.0

Today, “2.0” is used throughout the education world to signal a transformational reinvention of schooling. Similarly, Episcopal schools are exploring how best to live out their core values in the context of a changing social and religious landscape.

RE-Framing Education about Religious Beliefs and Practices: A New Toolkit for Teachers

In the spring of 2014, the Faculty of Education of Cambridge University (UK) in collaboration with the Woolf Institute gathered religion teachers from religious and secular schools in the United States and the United Kingdom to explore the teaching of religion. The result is a new theoretical and practical framework that can be used by teachers in grades 2-12.

Transgender People in Episcopal Schools: An Invitation to Discernment

NAES’ initial effort to assist our schools in undertaking careful and compassionate responses to both the challenge and the opportunity of welcoming transgender people in Episcopal schools. Offers a short list of steps schools should consider as they thoughtfully respond to transgender people in a manner that reflects the best of what it means to be an Episcopal school.

School Climate and Anti-Bullying Resources

The following resources can assist Episcopal schools of all types to foster a positive school culture as well as to develop, disseminate, and evaluate effective policies and programs to prevent and respond to social cruelty, including harassment, hazing, and bullying. 

Episcopal Identity and Our Pluralistic World

The Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, D.D., discusses how today's complex landscape of identity can lead a school to discard a clear articulation of its Episcopal identity and why doing so is a mistake.

Community Service and Service-Learning: Charity, Justice, or Both?

This article offers a theological construct for defining and reviewing a school's community service and service-learning program; examines the concepts of charity and justice as they relate to servce; and reminds schools leaders about the inportance of developmental appropriateness when constituting service programs.